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Valerie Weisler

Want to be in BYOU Magazine? Attend a (Role) Model Search! BYOU Magazine is visiting cities around the country looking for girls who are positive role models to feature in upcoming issues! We want to highlight girls who shine their inner beauty brightly! YOU could be one of them!

Be sure to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST to find out when we will be in your area!

Check back here for where we’ll be next! In the meantime, you can still submit an application online! Visit our SUBMIT page for info.



Marlow & Merit (featured in our April/May 2013 issue) pick up trash anytime they see it!
Marlow & Merit (featured in our April/May 2013 issue) pick up trash anytime they see it!


Would you like to help sponsor a BYOU Magazine (Role) Model Search in your area? Please call National Sales Director Phil Gilliam at (303) 667-8886 or email for more info.


  1. You guys should cover Khloe from Khloe Kares. She’s a 10 year old philanthropist. She’s a designer that makes tote bags for homeless women and fills them up with bare necessities items that they need. And passes them out all over downtown la. She’s also raised money to her a water pump and bathroom facility installed at a rural school in Ghana. She’s pretty cool

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  3. I love you Dove Camron

  4. Selena Gomez because she beautiful . and she should be together again with Justin Bieber

  5. my role model is probobly my aunt she is kind brave and butiful inside and out

  6. Stephanie Viselli

    My daughter, 15 y/o Sage Donnelly, just won the Jr. World Freestyle Kayak Championships in Ottawa, Canada, and also placed 6th overall in the Pan American Games in Kayak Slalom. This spring, she competed in the Jr. World Slalom Canoe and Kayak Championships where she placed 12th in Canoe, and also competed in the Payette River Games where she was 5th in Stand Up Paddleboard. All this-on top of being a type 1 diabetic with celiac and thyroid disease…and born and raised a vegetarian! We are trying to get the message out that a diagnosis should not be seen as an obstacle, but a challenge to overcome. I was hoping you would be interested in doing a story on her as she prepares for the 2016 kayaking season, including the US Olympic Team Trials, Sr. World Cups in Slalom, and the Jr. World Slalom Championships in Krakow, Poland.
    Here are some links to follow her –
    Thank you,
    Stephanie Viselli

  7. amazing

  8. Meg Householder

    I love Byou

  9. I love to sing and act and do arts and crafts. I would say that Selena Gomez is my role model because she inspires me to be me. I love her for who she is. I will never stop supporting her as long as I live.

  10. I love to sing, dance, art, helping others, being kind, sweet, loving, loves pets, and want to be me.

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