Kim Chambers, First Woman to Complete Golden Gate Swim


Kim Swims

Kim finishing the 30-mile swim. Image from: Miguel Mattox

Imagine swimming 30 miles non-stop, for 17 hours through the night, in shark infested waters. Pretty hard to image, right? Not for New Zealander, Kim Chambers who did all those things on August 8, 2015! Yup! Kim swam from Farrallon Islands to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; a total of 30 miles. Kim swam overnight through cold water in her fave one-piece bathing suit with her swim cap and goggles. She completed the swim in 17 hours and 12 minutes, not to mention in shark infested waters while she battled nausea.

The 38-year-old woman is one of six people to complete the swim, and the ONLY woman to ever successfully complete the dangerous trek. In fact, last month a man who attempted the same swim had to stop because of a great white shark!

This isn’t Kim’s first challenge she has overcome and she didn’t know her passion for swimming until she suffered a horrible leg injury. Kim fell down her stairs, hit her leg on a flowering pot and almost lost function in her leg. She discovered her passion after swimming for physical therapy. From there, Kim made it her goal to complete the Seven Swims. Accomplishing 7 different swims over 20 miles long, in scary waters for not money or a gold medal, but for herself.

Check out CNN’s video of Kim talking about her passion and her exciting achievements below.

By Gabrielle Klebanow

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