Girl Scout Gold Award Honoree for Girl Scout Week


Today we continue celebrating Girl Scout Week, with another Girl Scout Gold Award honoree!goGoldSm

The Girl Scout Gold Award began in 1916.  It is the highest award a girl scout can achieve.  Although it is known as the Girl Scout Gold Award today, previous names include the Golden Eaglet, Curved Bar, and First Class.


Today BYOU Magazine celebrates Elizabeth Acker from Girl Scouts of Colorado, who received a Girl Scout Gold Award for: “Project Fitness”.


What did you do for your Gold Award project?

I built a six station “Fitness Course” around the perimeter of my high school campus. I raised all the money and I organized all the volunteers.

Why did you pursue this Gold Award project?

Everyone wants to get fit and in shape, but everywhere you can get in shape charges membership dues and fees. I wanted to create a space, a place where anyone could go and exercise for free. Schools are stressful places for the staff and teachers. I wanted to create a path and trail where they could go on planning time and de-stress and get fit at the same time.

How did your Gold Award project make a difference?

I am most proud that we completed the course. The course looks great and it is a great gift to my community and to my school that I love. I made a difference for the staff and the students and my hometown.

What skills did you gain through earning your Gold Award?

I had to organize volunteers for the project. I learned to write grants and I learned to walk into businesses and ask for donations. I learned that I can direct a large scale project.

How did you make your project sustainable?

The equipment is maintenance free, but the school grounds crews have agreed to maintain the equipment if necessary and the grounds around the equipment. Mr. Christensen, the PRHS counselor, and track coach have also planned to continue the trail and course with future Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts looking for Eagle Scout and Gold Award projects. The future of the “Project Fitness” looks good.

What was your connection to the national or global community?

I involved my community members, businesses and made sure to purchase everything right here in my hometown. The people that helped, the students, the parents and teachers/coaches are all from the community and all believed in me and my project. The course is a huge benefit to our school and our community.

What will you most remember about your Gold Award project?

I developed a stronger sense of self. I gained practical life skills.

How will earning your Gold Award help you in your future?

I developed healthy relationships. I promoted cooperation and team building. I felt more connected to my community, locally and

Why do you feel the Gold Award is an important part of your Girl Scout experience?

This Gold Award is the culmination of my scouting experience. I started with my Daisy troop in kindergarten and stayed in my same troop throughout my scouting years. I am proud that I completed my Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. I am better able to organize my time and talents because of my experiences in Girl Scouts. I am using what I learned during the Gold Award in college and am proud to say that my new leadership skills allowed me to become one of the Manresa Orientation leaders at Xavier University during my sophomore year.

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