Nickelodeon’s Ella Anderson Inspires in BYOU Magazine’s “Honor Your Body” Issue!

Do You Accept, Love, and Honor Your Body?

image001-4In BYOU Magazine’s “Honor Your Body” issue, we inspire you with over 100 tips to take good care of YOU! This issue is dedicated to the importance of honoring your body with good health and self-care, and respecting yourself with self-love and acceptance. We feature exclusive interviews with several amazingly-aware girls, including Ella Anderson, star of Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, where she stars as sassy-sweet-smart tech-savvy, Piper Hart. At age 11, Ella has already been in over 20 movies and television shows (wow!), but that’s not what got our attention for a cover story.

In real life, Ella Anderson is a intuitive young girl with a BIG interest in natural health! At a young age, Ella had a sense that many products and foods we put in/on our bodies are not the healthiest for us, so she searched for healthy alternatives. This curiosity led her to making her own all-natural beauty products, which then turned into an entrepreneurship–she now has her own her skin-care line called Aiko by Ella!

Here’s a short excerpt from her exclusive BYOU Magazine interview:

“I’ve been making skin care products since I was four. I had a little salon in my house and would make products that were all natural. I’ve always cared about what I put IN my body and ON my body. There are just so many toxins, chemicals, and things that poison your skin. What you put on your skin is just as important as what goes in your body, because 60% of everything applied to your skin is absorbed into the body!” ~Ella Anderson for BYOU Magazine

Read Ella’s entire interview where she shares how/why she started her business, how girls can make smarter choices about products they use, what ingredients to avoid, and some of her favorite natural ingredients you’ll want to try too!

In this inspiring issue, you’ll  find lots of advice and tips to accept, love, and honor your body inside and out…like:

  • Exclusive “Ask the Stars” advice from your fave celebs sharing their fave healthy habits and self-care tips, stars like Katherine McNamara, Veronica Dunne, Haley Tju, Karan Brar, Sophie Reynolds, Mackenzie Ziegler, and more!
  • Pressure To Be Perfect: Exclusive interview with Marlee and Karlee Roberts, director and star of Little Miss Perfect
  • 100+ self-care tips to become BFFs with your body!
  • BYOU Mag Exclusive: YouTuber Meg DeAngelis offers 10 tips for a better YOU!
  • Sleep Zzz-ecrets: Get the scoop on getting a great night of zzzs!
  • Exclusive interview with teen advocate pushing for safer food: Rachel ParentGirl Making a Difference
  • Your EASIEST Health Habit! Plus tons of natural health tips found right in your kitchen!
  • What’s that GUT feeling? How to develop your intuition; plus take the QUIZ: How Intuitive Are You?
  • Real girls, like you, who are positive role models sharing self-esteem tips
  • Help with embarrassing situations
  • FREE giveaways!
  • DIY all-natural craftspuzzlescoloring pagejokes, and MORE!

How to get BYOU’s “Honor Your Body” issue: 

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