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‘Dream Big’ issue ft. Piper Curda

Piper Curda plays Jasmine, a smart and daring fashion-forward teenager who is always supportive of her four best friends, in the Disney Channel comedy I Didn’t Do It. She can also be seen as Alyssa, Mack’s (Maia Mitchell) studious best friend from high school, in the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach 2.

Disney Channel fans are also familiar with her starring role as Casey in the popular Disney.com series Rule the Mix. She has also guest-starred as Korean pop star Kathy Kan on Liv and Maddie, and played the recurring role of Kennedy Van Buren on A.N.T. Farm. Other television credits include guest starring roles on Rizzolli and Isles, Malibu Country, Body of Proof and Law and Order: SVU, as well as a supporting role in Hallmark Channel’s Reading Writing & Romance. Additionally, she lends her voice talents as Debby Kang in Disney XD’s animated series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

Piper competed in gymnastics until she was 11 and continues to enjoy healthy activities, such as tap dancing, yoga and boxing. Her interests also include writing poetry, singing, songwriting and playing the guitar and drums. In January 2014, she released her first single and music video independently entitled “Losing You,” and later released singles “Letting Go” and “Messing With My Head.”

Her father currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserve, and has served in both active duty and reserve positions for more than thirty years. She and her four siblings collaborated on the EP entitled “While You Were Away…,” featuring songs they wrote and recorded for their father who was deployed to Afghanistan at the time, including the most notable single, “You’re My Hero,” to celebrate all who serve in the military. Together they support various charitable organizations focused on serving veterans and their families. Piper received the CARE Award in 2010 and 2011 for excellence in acting, academics and community involvement. She splits her time between her family’s home in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Covergirl of BYOU Magazine’s ‘Dream Big’ Issue: Piper Curda!

piper-curda-byou-magazine-200x260Piper Curda is our cover star of our Dream Big issue! Piper shares with BYOU why it is important to dream big and how to make your dreams come true! She also shares what she was like as a kid and what her dreams were. And, of course, Piper talks all about her character, Jasmine, in I Didn’t Do It and filming the original Disney Channel Movie Teen Beach 2

Debra: Why it’s important to dream big?

Piper: This age is such a defining time in your life where you’re figuring out who you are and who you want to be. Dreaming big and thinking big helps you figure that out. No matter how outrageous your dreams may be or how silly they seem, it really helps you figure out what you want to do in life and what path you want to take. It really helps develop you as a person.


Photo by Cindy Quick. Copyright 2015 BYOU Magazine.

Did you know Piper grew up in a military family?
Yep! Piper shared with us that her dad has been deployed twice. Piper says,”When I was six he was in Iraq for eight months, and when I was 13 he was in Afghanistan for 15 months.” WOW! Piper was such a strong girl at such a young age.

How to read the Dream Big Issue:

More on Piper!

BYOU Magazine featured Piper Curda in the Ask the Stars section of our Positive Friendships issue.  Here’s how she answered the question, “Why is it important to have a positive attitude?”

Piper: “t’s extremely important to have a positive attitude as often as possible. Positivity is infectious and it can affect the things you do and the people around you in an encouraging way.”

piper-curda-i-didnt-do-itPositive Tip: Instead of focusing on negative aspects, focus on the positive and soon enough it’ll become instinct to think positively as opposed to automatically thinking negatively. Even in a tough situation or when doing something you may not want to do (chores, homework, etc.), try really hard to find at least one positive thing about the situation.

Personal Story: I am one of those kids who sometimes procrastinates when it comes to getting my schoolwork done. When I start to think negatively about how long it’ll take or how tough it’s going to be, I try to focus on the positives instead. The less I procrastinate and the more I focus, the faster it will get done! Using positive thinking in situations has helped me get things done and make it a little less painful.

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