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Girls, got an advice question you'd like to ask Kelli Berglund? Here's your chance!

Girls, got an advice question you’d like to ask Kelli Berglund? Here’s your chance!

It’s typically a boy’s dream-come-true to play a superhero.  Yet Kelli Berglund, a beautiful and graceful young woman, is doing just that. Kelli is best known in the Disney XD hit series Lab Rats as Bree, a bionic superhero created in a lab who navigates everyday teenage life with her bionic siblings. Kelli now currently stars in the Lab Rats spinoff series called Lab Rats: Elite Force that brings the Lab Rats team together with the team of Might Med! Read about it here.

You might also recognize Kelli from Disney’s Original movie, “How to be a Better Boy” as Mae Hartley. Kelli also stars in the films “Raising the Bar” as Kelly Johnson and “Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors” as Willadeene.

Kelli is a California native who started at the age of 4 with a passion to dance, training in ballet, tap, jazz, point, contemporary, and hip hop for years before hitting the Hollywood screen. But it’s not just as Bree that Kelli shines as a superhero; in her personal life she’s a spokesperson for the Audrey Hepburn Cares Team, donating her time and money to help abused and neglected children. It’s a charity she sought out on her own after reading a book on child abuse, realizing her celebrity status could help bring attention to this worthy cause.  (Read more fun facts about Kelli here!)

Exclusive star


Here’s an excerpt from her exclusive interview with BYOU Magazine from our  “Positive Thinking” issue:

Everyone has low days, so how do you handle yours?

Kelli Berglund

KELLI: One thing I do is play happy, upbeat music. It’s usually some Fifth Harmony; their music is so “girl power” with good pump-up energetic songs. I either just sit and listen or get up and dance; either way, I let the music affect me in a way that makes me happy! Another thing I do is get fresh air. If I’m sitting in my room and it’s all closed up, I’ll think, “I just need to go take a walk.” Nature is a great thing and I love it. I was filming this summer in Canada in the middle of the woods by this beautiful lake with no cell service and I’ve never been happier.


It was so beautiful, and you could smell the fresh air and nature and earth. It affects you. It makes you calm, stress-free, and happy. We all need time to put down the electronic devices and just take a walk, enjoying the sunshine and what this life has to offer. If you sit in your dark room with your phone and/or laptop, that confined space makes your mind feel confined. Your brain gets fogged and you don’t look at things from a clear perspective. If you get where you can think properly—about things that make you productive and happy rather than things that bring you stress—it changes the way you look at everything.

What tip do you have for someone who is feeling negative?

KELLI: Find a hobby you enjoy. I found huge happiness through dance, but it can be a sport, art, volunteering in your town, or anything that takes your mind off things that weigh you down and make you unhappy. It will make you excited and encourage you to be productive—and still love it at the same time! You’ll discover there are things you can find happiness in that you didn’t think would be there.

What if someone if afraid to go outside their comfort zone?

KELLI: People have dreams and it’s hard sometimes to be fearless, but you have to be and risk how it’s going to feel because you might get something great out of it. The opportunities are endless, and if you don’t step outside your comfort zone and see what’s on other side, you’ll never know of the amazing things waiting for you because the fear took you over. There’s a quote from the Hilary Duff movie, A Cinderella Story, that says, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Once you step outside of that comfort zone, the motivation comes in, like courage, excitement, and the drive to do something, and that’s when you accomplish things. If you have enough motivation, it will get you past all of your fears. Happy people who are motivated are probably some of the most successful people in the world.

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Here’s a few exclusive Q&A’s from Kelli Berglund’s second Twitter #BYOUchat with @BYOUmagazine:

Q from @bulgarualexandra : How do you get along with your sister, Kirra?
KELLI: Hey Alexandra! My sister and I share a lot of common interests, and even though we’re far apart in age, these hobbies keep us close! We’ve taken dance classes together, surf the Internet together, and even go to our favorite amusement parks!

Q from @naughty_EMOgirl :When Lab Rats ends, are you planning on being in another show or movie?
KELLI: Yes, actually! I’m really excited about a project I have coming up in a few weeks… I would love to tell you guys all about it, but right now it’s still a bit of a secret! Let’s just say that I’m SUPER excited.

Q from@BerglundftHale : How do you deal with bullies/haters? BTW, you have an amazing voice.
Kelli: Great question. Bullies and haters are inevitable, and they will do whatever they want. I was bullied in elementary school for being really short, and I deal with haters on social media every day of my life. The best thing to do it simply ignore them. Their goal is to get a reaction from you, so if you disregard them completely, it won’t be fun for them at all! Oh, and thank you so much! That’s very sweet of you!

Q from @KelliBerglundFC : Will you be blonde again?
KELLI: I don’t know if I’ll be blonde again SOON, but I would have no problem being blonde again! I like my hair both dark and light, and I always love to mix it up.

Q from @rebeccalea51: What was the first show/movie you ever acted in? Did you enjoy it?
KELLI: The first tv show I ever did was a children’s show called “Hip Hop Harry.” It was sort of similar to Barney, but instead of a dinosaur, we were taught life lessons by a big dancing bear! The whole experience was so much fun, yet really overwhelming at first. I was only 10 years old and still pretty new to acting, but I leaned sooo much from being on a real set for the first time.

Q from @HollyEJohnson : How does dancing make you feel?
KELLI: Dance is my safe place. Every time I dance, I feel comfortable and at ease. It’s brought me so much joy over the years for some many reasons.. I couldn’t imagine my life without it! There are no rules in dance… So the freedom to express yourself is endless!

Q from @JenniferKellivia: Who inspires you?
KELLI: I’m very inspired Selena Gomez mainly because she’s a very genuine person and she was once in my shoes…an actress on disney. She’s doing great things, and I would love to have a career half as great as hers! I also really look up to actresses such as Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock

Q from @KelliBerglundFC: What’s your favorite episode of Lab Rats?
KELLI: I have 2! The first would be “Quarantined” where Leo has to carry me around since my muscles go dead. The second would be “Rise of the Bionic Soldiers.” It was super action-packed and very exciting to film.

Q from @xoxorowbrina: What made you want to be an actor? What would you choose to do instead?
KELLI: I grew up loving to perform in front of crowds and put on a show. I was always interested in creative arts and decided to give acting a try after years of being a competitive dancer. If I wasn’t acting, I’d probably be dancing professionally or training to be a make up artist.

Kelli Talks Relationships with her Family! 

Kelli has a very close relationship with her family; here’s what she has to say about her mom in this exclusive BYOU Magazine video:

Here’s a few exclusive Q&A’s from Kelli Berglund’s first Twitter #BYOUchat with @BYOUmagazine:

Q from Kayla: Kelli, do you ever think about doing anything music related in the future?

Kelli: I’d love to release a single at some point, or maybe even an EP or an album! As of right now, I’m focusing on acting, but I definitely see some music in my future.

Q from Karina: If you had a million dollars, what’s the first thing you’d get?BYOU_AprMay_pg20pdf

Kelli: The very first thing I would do is donate a portion to my charity, the Audrey Hepburn CARES Team. (:

Q from Floppi: What was the first thing you felt when you were cast as Bree Davenport? Love you Kelli 🙂

Kelli: I felt so many emotions when I was cast as Bree Davenport! At first, it felt a little surreal, but then I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! And of course, I felt so completely blessed.

Q from Jake: Are you doing more Lab Rats shows?

Kelli: Absolutely! There are plenty of season 3 episodes that will be airing this whole year. And who knows, there might be a 4th season as well.

Q from Sashka: How do you do your hair for a normal day?

Kelli: I usually like to softly curl my hair or simply straighten it. I’m usually rehearsing on set everyday so I like to keep it pretty casual when I’m working. (:

Q from Anna: If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Kelli: I would probably go to either Australia or Italy! I’ve always wanted to travel to both countries, and if I had the opportunity to go  RIGHT this second, I would go in a heartbeat!

Kelli Berglund BYOU MagazineKelli Berglund was the April/May 2013 BYOU Magazine cover story! Our theme for that issue was B-HAPPY, and in our exclusive interview with Kelli Berglund, BYOU Magazine publisher Debra Gano visited Kelli on the set of Lab Rats and noticed a poster about happiness on the wall of her dressing room. Here’s what Debra asked Kelli and what Kelli had to say about HAPPINESS:Kelli Berglund dressing room poster

Debra: I took a photo of the great poster you put on the wall of your Lab Rats dressing room about happiness not being a destination but a way of life. Why do you have that on your wall?

Kelli: I see it [the poster] every day and it reminds me not to worry. A lot of people try to “find” happiness, thinking one day they will be happy and they live life worrying about finding it. Happiness is not something you say, “There it is! I’ve found it!” That’s not how it happens.  It’s a way of life. It’s about you being a happy person and living your life in a happy way.  Rather than seeking and hoping someday it will happen, it’s about deciding TODAY that you want to be happy. And when you live happily, good things will come to you and you’ll have happy experiences! Read Debra’s full interview with Kelli in the April/May 2013 issue of BYOU. (Get a copy here!) BYOU_AprMay_pg21

Kelli Berglund’s Girl Power Tips:

  • Always trust your gut because it’s usually right.
  • Don’t listen to people who try to get you down.
  • Giving in to things like peer pressure will usually lead to bad situations that will make you unhappy.
  • Focus on your dreams and goals and the things you want to have in your life.
  • Be confident with who you are. There is only one you – totally rock that!
Kelli Berglund with little sis Kirra!

Kelli Berglund with little sis Kirra!

Kelli & Kirra: Kelli has a special relationship with her sister Kirra Berglund, whom she calls her #1 fan. Kirra and I share a relationship neither of us shares with anyone else. We learn from each other and go through our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we know we’ll always be there for each other. It’s a relationship we’ll share for our entire lives, and we’re so blessed to have such a close companion by our side!”

Kelli’s Sisterhood Tip: “Always cherish the time you spend with your sister! We can take our siblings for granted, especially when you’re arguing over something (important or unimportant). Remember as you grow older, your sister is the one true and genuine person who will be there. Make memories and do fun and silly things together! Be spontaneous! My sister is my best friend. It’s a bond that can’t ever be broken.”

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