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G Hannelius BYOU Magazine BTS '14 CoverG Hannelius is BYOU Magazine’s B-Smart cover star; you can read excerpts from her exclusive BYOU Magazine interview below! Visit our B-Silly page to see her B-Silly video and CLICK HERE to see G’s Back-To-School video exclusive to BYOU Magazine!

Everyone loves the character “Avery” that G Hannelius plays on Disney Channel’s Dog with a Blog. Avery is determined, driven, and really makes being smart look cool. In real life, G (for Genevieve) is much like her. This girl packs more into a day than many do in a week; she’s an actress, singer, songwriter, student, entrepreneur, and even a juggler (seriously)! Just like her character Avery, G Hannelius is a great role model for girls.

Read an excerpt from G’s exclusive BYOU Magazine interview here:

Photo: DISNEY CHANNEL/Adam Taylor

Photo: DISNEY CHANNEL/Adam Taylor

Dog with a Blog is so fun the way they make Stan the dog talk—can you give us the scoop on how they do that?

G: What are you talking about? He really does talk! (Laughs) Actually there is an amazing guy named Stephen Full who does the voice of Stan. He’s at all the rehearsals with us and he acts the dog out so we have someone to look at, then they put dog in when filming and Steve is off stage doing the voice. Later they use CGI (computer generated imagery) just on Stan’s face. Other than that, Stan does all of the tricks—his trainer is amazing!

What do you think of the character “Avery” you play on Dog with A Blog?

G HanneliusG: On a lot of teen shows, girls are portrayed as ditzy and dumb; Avery is so far from dumb and it’s really cool to play a character like that. Avery is determined and outspoken; she’s a great role model and inspiration. A lot of girls can relate to her because she’s smart—and smart is cool! We need to stop calling people nerds, because I don’t think that’s what it is at all. All girls are smart and all girls have dreams and passions and Avery is a great example of that.

Do you have any B-SMART friendship advice for girls going back to school?

G: Always have really supportive friends. I don’t have a ton of friends but I have a few really, really good ones. It’s quality over quantity. Having great friends that support you, always have your back, and are never jealous or mean to you is really important for your self-esteem. Have people around you who love you and get rid of the bad people; get the negativity out of your life because that can have a really negative effect on your self-esteem.

How did you begin your acting career before landing a role on one of Disney’s most popular shows?

G: I started doing school and community theater when I was eight years old growing up in Maine. We came out to LA for a few months when I was nine so I could audition and I was really fortunate. I got a commercial right away and then a sitcom. I really liked going on the auditions and have a passion for acting, and I think people were able to identify that in me. When I was around eleven, I got small parts on Good Luck Charlie, Sonny with a Chance, and Hannah Montana. That was so fun because I watched those shows and loved them! I did a pilot for Disney called Madison High, and the day I found out they were not going to pick up the series I got an audition for Dog with a Blog.

If you were not an actress and singer what career would you pursue?

G: I have a lot of other passions. I love writing, so maybe being a writer or screenwriter or maybe directing. I’m really kind of an entrepreneur and started this whole nail business, so maybe owning a company of some sort.

Why do you think it’s important to challenge yourself?

G: It’s really important to get out there and stay active especially when you’ve got a chunk of time in the summer to try new things and new activities. The most successful people are those who get out there and follow their dreams and achieve their goals and I don’t think you achieve that by just sitting around. Having a healthy body and mind is often due to staying active and always pursuing new things and working towards your goals. If you have a passion for something, go ahead and pursue it because you never know what it can turn into a business or a career or your dream.

G’s Make Me Nails is so cool! 

G is the co-founder of the business Make Me Nails, a unique user powered custom nail wrap app! You can design your own nail wrap, purchase it, and get it sent right to your home! How cool is that? And what a great idea from our BTS covergirl G Hannelius! Check out Make Me Nails‘ website HERE!

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