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You probably knowBYOU Magazine Featuring McClain China Anne McClain from her starring role in Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm series. Now, she and her sisters are putting attention and energy into one of the things they love the most—singing and performing together as McClain, the name of their music group (Read more about McClain on their BYOU Magazine Celebrity Page HERE).

China Anne McClain NEWS!

China Anne McClain appears in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 2. China takes on the role of Ursula’s daughter, Uma, along side another BYOU Magazine cover star, Dove Cameron. Other familiar faces in the highly anticipated sequel are Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, and Mitchell Hope.


“It’s bittersweet that A.N.T. FARM is ending; I have a sense of relief and accomplishment, and at the same time I will miss all the cast and the crew, we are like a big family. But I’m actually very excited to be moving on and back to where I started, which is doing music with my sisters. And I’ll be doing more acting as well!”


BYOU Magazine asked China, “Why Is It Good To Be A ‘Do-Gooder’?”

China: I believe it is good to be a do-gooder when you are in a fortunate position to do nice things for people.  It’s important to make the lives of others better when God has blessed you so much.  Actually there are many ways to be a “do-gooder”—you can give a person your time, advice, and even nice things you own which you don’t use anymore.  

CHINA’S DO-GOODER WORK: The Make-A-Wish Foundation is near and dear to my heart.  If they reach out to my parents, I ask them to bring the children wherever I am and most of the time that’s on set.  I enjoy meeting the children more than they enjoy meeting me.  Another charity I love to work with is Holly Robinson-Peete’s My Brother Charlie which brings awareness to autism.  This charity is special to me because my cousin is autistic.

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