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Brec Bassinger plays Bella Dawson, your not-so-average high school girl, on Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs. This super sweet southern belle from a small town in Texas doesn’t play our stereotypical eyelash-batting girl and neither is Brec herself. Bella is the only girl on an all boy’s football team who demonstrates what what girl power truly is! Brec graces the cover of BYOU Magazine’s Gratitude issue!  BYOU Mag believes you should be grateful for everything you have in your life, and Brec reminds us of that is this special issue.

In an exclusive interview, Brec shares with BYOU Magazine founder, Debra Gano, the importance of being grateful for all the good– and bad– that happens to you. Brec also shares with us what it’s like to play Bella, advice on being YOU and bullies, and of course what her new year’s resolutions are! Want to get your hands on the Gratitude issue? CLICK HERE! And remember you can download the Gratitude issue RIGHT NOW, CLICK HERE to find out how!

Brec Bassinger quote Brec and BYOU Mag had an exclusive #BYOUchat on Twitter, where fans chatted live with Brec and could also submit questions for Brec and enter to win prizes on our Twitter Party page. Read a recap of Brec’s #BYOUchat here, and check out some of the Q&A’s below! 

Rachel asked: What is your favorite planet besides Earth?
Brec: “I’ve been to so many planets so that is a hard question…”

Jace asked: What’s your favorite food?
Brec: “Pizza. Stuffed crust. ALLLDAAY!”

Christine asked: “Describe your Bella and the Bulldogs experience in 3 words.”
Brec: “Family, craziness, & friendship!”

Mary asked: If you could be BFFs with a Disney princess, who would you choose & what would you do with her?
Brec: Cinderella! & we would go shoe shopping because have you seen her shoes?!

For more from our #BYOUchat with Brec, CLICK HERE. Also visit to! 

Brec was featured in our ‘Ask The Stars’ section in BYOU Mag’s Girl Power issue. She gave advice on how girls support each other. Read below (See her answers in purple!):

girl-power-brec-bassinger“Girls can support each other by being real. Treat other girls with respect by being honest and positive with the. Females are powerful alone but together we are unstoppable!” -Brec Bassinger

What is Girl Power?
Being confident with yourself and never letting anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl. 

What is one of your biggest Girl Power moments?
When I found out I had the highest GPA in my grade. A lot of times society labels females as need to be “pretty” and not intelligent. This was a special moment for me because it truly taught me that I shouldn’t let society put a cap on any of my dreams. 

Pictured: Season 1 Gallery -- Pictured: Sawyer (Jack Radinsky), Bella (Brec Bassinger), Troy(Tyson Stewart) and Newt (James "Buddy" Handleson), star in BELLA AN THE BULLDOGS on Nickelodeon. Photo: Jim Fiscus/Nickelodeon©2014 Viacom, International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Jim Fiscus/Nickelodeon©2014 Viacom, International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Who is one of your Girl Power role models?
Mo’ne Davis; she was the first female to be on the winning team of the American Little League. Not only was she on the winning team, but she pitched a shutout game! She is a true representation that girls are powerful beings. 

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