Free Coloring Page: Express Yourself With Encouraging Art

Girl coloring

Photo by Susana Fernandez

“Be Yourself”

Our newest issue is all about YOU: expressing yourself, getting to know yourself, and being yourself. Being creative  is a fun way to express and know yourself, so here’s a fun idea…

Do you remember how much fun it was to lay on the floor and color? A new box of crayons (ah, that waxy crayon smell) and a new coloring book were the only supplies you needed for hours of fun.

Whether you knew it at the time or not, you were learning to quiet your mind and express yourself. We want to remind you how good it feels to take some time for yourself and let your creativity flow! Below you will find the Always be Yourself coloring page featured in our newest issue, BYOU Magazine’s Be Yourself issue. Click on the image for a PDF you can print, grab your pencils, and get coloring!

Coloring Is Good For You

Coloring can put you in a better mood–it helps you focus and relax. And, believe it or not, coloring has brain-boosting benefits. Thinking about balance and color choices, and the physical act of coloring uses both the left and right sides for a complete brain workout! Yes, you’re relaxing and exercising (your brain) at the same time.

Coloring also encourages you to take a break from technology and the online world. Put down your smartphone, turn off your tablet and the TV, and enjoy the simplicity of holding a pencil, or crayon, to paper. Your brain and eyes will thank you for the much-needed break!

Take a picture of you with your Always be Yourself coloring page, and share with us on social media by using #BYOUmagazine! We can’t wait to see what color combos you come up with!

Click on the image below to receive the PDF version of the coloring page, and print! 

Coloring page

Artwork courtesy of Valentina Harper–not for commercial use. See Valentina’s other work at

Want another page to color?

Check out the ‘Follow Your Heart’ coloring page!

follow your heart coloring page

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