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YOU could be in the next issue of BYOU Magazine!

Want to be in BYOU Magazine? We offer lots of opportunities for girls, like you, to be featured in every issue! Whether you’re interested in just sharing a pic of you with your current BYOU Mag issue or if you want to be featured as a ‘Real Girl Role Model’ there’s a spot for you! And did we mention how easy it is to submit? Yup! All you need to do is go to our ‘Submit’ page and follow the simple directions for the section you’d like to appear in! Below you can check out some of the great girls that have been featured in BYOU Magazine!

Where Do You BYOU?
Show us where you BYOU! Girls can submit a photo of themselves reading BYOU magazine in an interesting place!

Real Girls
In every issue of BYOU Magazine real girls answer an important question. Submit your answer and you could be featured like Gray and Sabya. 

Positive Role Models
How are you going to change the world and what does it mean to BYOU? Submit your answer, to get a chance to be featured! 


These are just a few of the sections you can apply to be in. Go to our ‘Submit’ page to check out everything you can apply for! We’d love to check out your pics and read your answers! CLICK HERE to find out how to submit ! 


  1. Alexandria C Jones

    God made you just the way you are so why change it.

  2. When you think the positive you’ll be happy in life. And when someone calls you a name don’t listen because you are perfect just the away you are.

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