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Kelli Berglund, star of the hit Disney XD series Lab Rats, has offered empowering girl-world advice in every issue of BYOU Magazine in her exclusive advice column “Ask Kelli.” Here’s what she had to say when we asked her to offer advice to BYOU Magazine readers:

“A lot of times girls may feel they don’t have anyone to turn to and if I can be that person for them that’s amazing. I’ve experienced much in my life so far, not only from being on a TV show but also as a normal girl, and have many different reference points—I feel I can give true advice from the heart. I’ve learned a LOT of lessons and want to pass them on to girls, letting them know that everything’s going to be alright.”

In her very popular “Ask Kelli”column, girls wrote in to us to ask Kelli’s advice on topics like friendship, bullying, body image, self-worth, popularity, and lots of girl-world issues (see below), however one of the most-asked questions we received was: “How do I become an actress like you?”  (click HERE to read her advice). Kelli’s journey to landing the role of Bree didn’t happen overnight; in fact, click here to read how she had to do almost 300 auditions before securing that role!

Check out some of the past “Ask Kelli” columns below – and look for an expanded feature of her column in previous issues of BYOU Magazine. Here’s how! 

Ask Kelli Dec/Jan 2016

Ask Kelli Berglund - Summer 2015 Ask Kelli - Spring 2015

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  1. I also have this last question: Can I make a difference even if I am young and show my inner self to this bully that is hurting my feelings all the time.

  2. Hi Kelli Berlund. I am your number 1 fan. I watched u on lab rats,how to build a better boy…etc.
    I wish we could talk/text sometime I u could give number

    Anyhoo i was wondering if the BYOU magazines are sold it Luton aswell (that’s where I live)

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  5. Zvezdomira Lefterova

    Thank you Kelli and happy birthday

  6. This website, along with the magazines, are very inspiring and kind of a life changing “things” to read.

  7. I love u so much Kelli. I hope I can really talk with u on the phone 4 5 minutes. I <3 u…..♥♥♥♥♡ you r the best

  8. This is amazing. Because some of others problems might help us if we ever need it!

  9. christiana williams

    i think you are so inspiring!!!!!!!!

  10. Nur Aswani Bte Nazeri

    I love BYOU Magazine! They’re the only magazines that helped me with my girl problems!

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  12. hi l’m your number one fan but l want to design sego some people have to leave my dreams my dream is to sing dance my dream is to sing dance and act but l think l’ll leave my dream medas one conse

  13. hola soy tu almiradora numero 1 quiero q me deas un consejo para q yo siga con mi sueño de ser cantante bailarina y actriz allgunas personas disen q nunca lovoy a lograr pero yo me esto desanimando de todo eso por eso te pido un consejo yu yo

  14. How do you get through the hate

  15. Liberty Worthing

    This is a great way for girls to ask others about stuff they need help with.

  16. I wanna be a cheerleader I can only do a little bit of it but im scared to do it do you have any motivating tips please
    Madelyn Alexander

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